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Redecor to be launched in 2019

Redecor got started the way these projects often do. We all love to watch home remodeling shows and browse Pinterest for inspiring interior photos. We've also played some home decor games, yet current games left us with frustration, as we found them too complicated and unrealistic. We wanted to play with realistic home decor, change styles, and try out various patterns and colors. After one long weekend of prototyping, the decision was made: we’ll create a home decor game we would like to play ourselves. Redecor was born.

Redecor aims to become the #1 playground for home decor. A place to play, explore designs, find inspiration and connect with others who share the passion for home decor. We established Reworks Ltd in the summer of 2018 to develop Redecor and other design games in the future. Although we’ve just started, there’s already a continually evolving beta version of Redecor out in a few markets. We’re aiming to launch the game globally during 2019. Stay tuned.


Reworks Oy Kampinkuja 2 00100 Helsinki Finland










Reworks has inspired the leading game VCs, Play Ventures and Big Bets, to join our mission to become #1 home decor playground. If you're interested in investing in Reworks, please drop us a message.

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