Safe Play Guidelines

Safe Play Guidelines

We want Redecor to be a fun and safe experience for everyone. Following these username, bio & profile picture guidelines will help us create the best Redecor experience for you and all the other talented Redecorators! If we get a report, we will review the reported player account and content and determine whether it violates the Terms of Service or the above guidelines. We may issue a warning, suspend your account, or permanently terminate your account without notice.

In a nutshell, treat others as you would like others to treat you. Let's follow these guidelines and create a safe and welcoming platform for everyone's inner artist together!

Treat others with respect

Here are a few principles of respecting other Redecorators which we follow:

  • do not abuse, harass, harm, or threaten other players
  • do not violate the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others
  • do not impersonate other players or Redecor staff

Avoid inappropriate content

We may review the content you create on Redecor and our communities, particularly if another Redecorator has reported it, and we may remove it if we believe it's inappropriate.

Inappropriate content may include:

  • sexual or pornographic content
  • offensive language
  • political statements
  • obscenities or derogatory content
  • content that promotes illegal activity
  • hate speech or content that promotes hatred against members of a specific group
  • content posted with the intent to abuse or harass another player
  • promotions and spam
  • calls to action

No cheating

Let's play fair! Redecor is meant to be played on mobile devices. Don't deny yourself or someone else an authentic gameplay experience by cheating. Unfortunately, there are many ways for the cheater to find a loophole in the game, and they include the following:

  • playing with multiple accounts
  • using tools & methods to alter or falsify your location 
  • sharing accounts
  • intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward
  • abusing refund policy and mechanism

or any other activity that violates Reworks' Terms of Service, available here: