The Artisan Retreat decor style is all about creating a story with unique pieces in the home. In this day and age of modern technology and mass production, this decor style emphasizes the singularity and craftsmanship of each piece you choose to decorate with. All the decorations should weave together harmoniously to create a warm and cozy feeling - a feeling of home.

The main goal of the Artisan decor style is to shine a light on the homeowner’s true personality, regardless of the latest trends, and make a place that is uniquely their own. This style looks for truly special decor items that have their own history or personal meaning to the homeowner, instead of the industrial run-of-the-mill products everyone seems to be using.

First, let's take a look at the history of the Artisan decor style. When humans thrived and had less to worry about survival, beauty came into play - even when it came to decor! For example, ancient Egyptian pharaohs were known to commission gorgeous handmade furniture with golden intricacies to symbolize their wealth. 

In the middle ages, the term “artisan” was created. Originally a French word, it was used to describe a master craftsman, skilled at creating beautiful pieces. Indeed, the Artisan decor style values uniqueness and meaning more than it values passing fads - or even price. Quality over quantity is definitely a phrase that suits this decor style!  

Here at Redecor, we’ve collected 5 incredible tips to help you design the Artisan way!

Tip #1: Every piece has a meaning! Everything you choose to place in the home should tie in together in one great scheme: handmade natural clay accent pieces, exposed beams, traditional and textured throws, natural materials and wooden floors, lots of bright light sources - all of them help with creating a harmonious atmosphere inside the home in a way that reflects the owner’s own history and background.

The consistent use of high-quality materials is a must in this decor style - it’s not about how much something costs, but more about the cultural, environmental context in which it was created and the authentic craftsmanship that was invested in every piece. Wood, ceramics, lush natural textures, are all a part of the Artisan style. 

Wooden floors of different kinds are often used as part of the natural look and feel of this style. The shades of the wood are often on the lighter side, enabling the natural light this style is so famous for to seep in and brighten the home even further. If wood is covered up in paint, it will almost always be with either white or beige or earthy tones. This helps tie in with the worldly story that the Artisan style is trying to tell.

Tip #2: Natural colors are a must! Gray, beige, white, brown, ochre, ancient pink, and even dashes of baby blue or pale mint green send a neutral vibe and soften the atmosphere of the home. This helps create the cozy, warm feeling the Artisan decor is so famous for. Highlight pieces with bold colors are very rare, with this style preferring a calming mood. 

Think of the elements when designing - all the precious tones of the earth and the sky are at your dispense.

Tip #3: Handmade furniture is a great addition to any Artisan inspired home. Often created from real wood or straw, the pieces should reflect the thought and the time that the artist has put into them. Sofas can be very straight shaped and upholstered in deep tones while chairs and tables often reflect the style’s signature natural tones and combine natural materials. 

Custom built-in bookshelves are also very popular in this style, with every detail carefully chosen to make the space as comfortable and pleasant as possible to the owner. 

In fact, DIYing your furniture is encouraged in this decor style - you’ve got a story to tell and what better way to get it across than creating it with your very own hands?

Rugs are an essential part of making an empty space feel like a home, and this style is all about feeling cozy and comfortable. Make sure to use light colors and cotton textures when choosing your rugs, although you can spice things up with some traditional patterns and tassels. 

Complete the decor with some natural plants to tie the look together, some nicely textured throws, and beautiful handmade ceramics. 

Tip #4: Time to fill your heart (and home) with light! To let the sunshine in, simply choose a lighter fabric for the curtains, preferably see-through, and don’t obstruct natural light entrances with bulky furniture.

Having a light, airy feel is part of what makes this style so in tune with nature. You can create a cozy feeling without needing to use complex designs on your curtains - adding candles, rugs, lots of natural wood and ceramics details already make a place feel like home.

Tip #5: Let’s sum it up! Here are all the key features of the Artisan decor style. Try using these tips on your next Redecor Challenge to achieve that wonderful natural look!

  • Beamed ceiling

  • Big windows

  • Warm & soft additional lighting

  • Natural materials in decoration and textiles

  • Wooden handmade furniture

  • Unique pieces that tell a story

  • Calm, natural colors

  • Coziness and warmth