It’s Australia day, Redecorators! Nowadays, this day is used to reflect how diverse Australia is (both in its landscapes and its society) and many exciting ceremonies take place. Here at Redecor, we decided to honor our Aussie Redecorators and share a few things about the unique design style that has evolved “Down Under”.

Before we begin, we want to say a special thank you to Vera Gilevski, our talented Australian Redecorator, who gave us incredible tips to base this article on. So what are the main features of the Australian interior? Australian home decor is a combination of many fascinating elements! Let's dive into it and read about each of them!

Scandinavian and classic traditional designs

The Scandinavian style is all about clean and simple lines, with a mild color palette. Australian interior design often relies heavily on this calm and minimal decor style - prizing functionality, but not sacrificing any of the beauty in the decorating process. As far as color goes, prepare to see different shades of white and beige, with tasteful serene tones as gentle color accents. This style is both contemporary and lacking in clutter - which is what Australian interior designers are aiming for in recent years.

Scandi-inspired Room

This goes hand in hand with classic traditional designs, of course, which lean towards clean, symmetrical lines and a relaxed and warm color palette. Classic traditional designs are inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries, which is why they feature elements such as linen, silk and velvet for upholstery and detailed dark wood. 

The combination of these two is part of what gives Australian decor its own special touch.

Coastal design

As a country surrounded by the ocean, there's no denying Australia's love affair with coastal style. With warm natural textures of rattan and timber, as well as a crisp palette of white and neutrals, modern coastal homes often center on making the most of stunning ocean views while emphasizing tropical resort-style living. 

Home to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is known for its incredible sunny beaches and beautiful shores. It attracts thousands of scuba-divers and beach enthusiasts every year! A good deal of that is reflected in Aussie interior design as well. You can expect to see repurposed driftwood, nautical knick-knacks and appropriately themed wall art.

Coastal Design

Indoor-outdoor living

As a truly cosmopolitan population influenced by global trends, Australians embrace a wide variety of popular interior design styles. A large amount of their design ethos, however, is based on an indoor/outdoor lifestyle due to the variable and mild climate. 

As far as redecorating goes, that means having so much more space to work with, outside and inside. Porches and pool-sides for those sunny summer days, gorgeous gardens with fitting furniture to lounge in, and sweet little treehouse in the yard - are all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Australian decor. 

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Remembering to make all these different spaces work together to create one home is the trick here. Decorating one room at a time may make you forget to look at the bigger picture, but when designing an outdoor space for a home you should always make sure it ties in well with the inside.

Nature-inspired designs

No one can deny that some of the most beautiful nature views lie “Down Under”. Australia is known for its unique habitats that are home to some of the world’s quirkiest and most captivating animals. It’s important to honor that when creating Australian-themed designs. Pops of green, nature-inspired wall art and wallpaper, and natural elements like wood and stones can be incorporated inside your designs to help bring a bit of that breathtaking nature in. 

Nature-Inspired Design

As redecorators, it’s important that we pay attention to the comfort of our clients. That’s why, in rural parts of Australia where certain types of snakes and spiders are more common, you should research in advance how durable the door and window nets have to be and if a mosquito quilt is needed over the bed.

Want to create an Australian-inspired home? Check out today’s challenge: Australia Day!

Australia Day room

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