It’s Backyard Day! While most of us might not pay that much attention to our backyards, they’re a wonderful piece of real estate that can be upgraded immensely with the right bit of decor! 

Backyards have, in fact, recently shot up in value as many young families migrate from bustling cities to calm suburbs following the pandemic. Lockdowns have shown us all how necessary it is to have a nice spot of green to stretch your legs - preferably not just a veranda. With growing kids, this seems to become more of a necessity than a luxury. 

Gather some beautiful backyard inspiration from across the world, right here in this post! Maybe this can help you figure out your own unique style for a seamless transition from your gorgeous home - to an even more gorgeous backyard.

Moroccan Inspired Designs

Morocco is known for its stunning stone yards. On top of making maintenance that much easier (no watering, no trimming, lots of room for the kids to run and play without trampling over the flowers), this type of backyard has a wonderful middle-eastern aesthetic. The intricate patterns that can be incorporated into the floor tiles are bolder than anywhere inside the home - and for good reason. They’re eye-catching and captivating, giving the space exactly the focus it needed.

It’s also a great solution for those of you who live in harsher climates, where the blistering sun tends to scorch most of the plants you try to grow to their doom. This type of yard often incorporates beautiful blooming cactuses in planted pots (held higher above ground so that the kids can kick around a ball safely). There is so much potential to this kind of backyard!

Moroccan backyard

Zen Garden-Inspired Designs

Zen Gardens were incorporated into 13th century Japan’s way of living, as a peaceful oasis where monks could meditate. Of course, these beautiful tranquil gardens have known a few changes since the 13th century, but are still considered one of the more soothing places for the mind and the soul.

Zen garden

Zen-Garden-inspired designs often have a carefully selected array of greenery and flowers, an area with white or grey pebbles, a beautiful koi pond, and can sometimes even be seen incorporating a stunning wooden arch reminiscent of old Japanese architecture.    

A Zen Garden can be a wonderful place for kids to explore, filled with great sensory experiences - the sand, the koi fish, the water fountains and the smooth rocks - so much to do!

Small but Stunning

In the UK, backyards don’t always consist of huge open spaces. City living can make backyards rare to come by - and once found, sometimes even fairly small. We’re here to say that size doesn’t matter! Not when it comes to backyards, anyways! 

These small pieces of land can actually make decorating them so much easier. Focusing on one design element is much simpler when you have a limited amount of space to work with! These small corners can give you everything you’re looking for - a couple of beautiful potted flowers, a small table with a comfy set of chairs for your morning coffee, and romantic accessories like a candle-lit lantern for those cozy nights with your special one. What more could you need?

small backyard

Farm to Table

In many countries, such as rural parts of Poland, it’s common to grow some of your own vegetables in the backyard. This can be a fun activity for the whole family, with each child getting the responsibility to water and tend to a certain crop. Creating a lovely little patch of worked-land in the corner and then modeling the scarecrow together is a fun family activity - that can actually help you taste the fruits of your labor! 

The patch of land where you grow your veggies on doesn’t have to be the largest - this can be a fun little side project - but it should affect the overall decor you choose for your yard. Placing gardening utensils in a safe rain-proof container so that they are easily accessible, having a watering hose on hand, and more, can affect how your yard turns out.


Some people choose to place a tool shed if their yard is large enough, which is a great way to create more ever-needed storage space. Others turn to other creative solutions like treehouses, or even a small storage box in the corner of the yard. Whatever you choose, make sure that your yard serves you and is comfortable for YOU to use. If it’s pretty but not functional, then that would be a shame. The whole point of a backyard is to have fun in it! 

Living Statues

No, we’re not referring to a movie where the statues come to life! We’re talking about gorgeous stone statues that have plants growing on them - on purpose - to make them bring life into the garden. There are several gorgeous examples of these statues across Thailand, but here are a few that can be replicated under similar weather conditions:


These type of plants prefer moisturized environments and lots of water, but given the right conditions, they thrive and bring beauty to the space. These gorgeous statues are good to look into if you’re trying to decorate a large amount of land, but they are a bit time consuming when it comes to regular trims and maintenance. Be sure to incorporate these wonderful pieces of art in your garden only if you’re sure you can take care of them and help them bloom to the best of their capabilities!

Did one of these backyards catch your eye? Are you planning a makeover for you own backyard? Share your design-progress on our socials today!