Also known as a “mirror date” this day is supposed to have incredible energy flow. We’re here to show you how to utilize that energy to bring in love, through a slight change in your interior decor!


Numerology has a lot to say about the number 2. It’s telling of partnership, duality, balance and harmony. It’s no wonder then, that the sequence of 222 is considered “angel numbers” and are often believed to be a good omen for those who see them in their surroundings. February being the month of love, and this unique date having spiritual significance, it’s a great chance to learn how to bring love in - through your decor! 

1. Incorporate symmetry


Although your entire house could use a touch of symmetry, we’ll be focusing on the bedroom - the room most associated with love. 

Inside the bedroom, symmetry should be applied on both sides of the bed. The more symmetrical the design, the more likely it is that the love you bring in to your life will be on equal footing with you.

 If you want someone as successful and thoughtful as you are - create a symmetrical design to bring them in! This applies to shelves, pictures, and lighting as well. Create an exact replica on both sides of the bed for maximum effectiveness. 

2. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom!

no mirrors

This is done as, spiritually, mirrors are considered to be feeding your sense of veiness. You’re looking at YOU - and not at somebody else. This approach means that in the bedroom itself, you should be looking at your partner - and hopefully enjoying the view! 

That’s why, even though you may have gotten used to it, you should look into moving your mirrors to other locations inside the house.

3. Birds of a feather flock together…


Love birds mate for life! Isn’t that such a wonderful sentiment? 

It’s a superstitious belief that if you get matching bird statues, you will find love quicker! They should be facing each other if you’ve found a good love that you want to keep - and facing away from each other if you’re looking for love. The openness of the pose will allow love in to your life - and the act itself of changing their pose after a few successful dates is a great way to follow your own gut instinct when it comes to meeting someone new.

4. Make room for your love - literally!

make room

One of the ways to bring love in is to physically make room for it. 

Clear a small space in your closet and bathroom cabinet for that special someone - even if they haven’t appeared just yet. Clearing space for them sends out a message to the universe - saying, “I’m here and I’m ready”. The universe will respond.

5. Create an inviting and warm atmosphere - for you!

for me

Just because that special someone isn’t there doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love your life! Create a home that feels great for YOU! It’s where you come to at the end of the day, and where you should feel most comfortable. 

So if you love flowers - get them for yourself! If you love small souvenirs, collect them when you’re traveling! Do whatever feels good, and once you feel great about who you are and what you love, the rest of the world will respond in kind.

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