Here’s how to make sense of the Hamptons style and all of the gorgeous pieces you get while on your Season Pass journey! 

Remember, every Season Pass comes with a unique collection of special Season items that are mostly exclusive to Season Pass holders. Our Artists wanted to show you how to put these stunning design items to good use, in true Hamptons spirit!

Think luxury, fun, and family - all wrapped into one! 

Before we share the Inspiration Catalog itself, we’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions about the Season Pass!

HAMPTONS HOME - Inspiration Catalog

What is a Season Pass? 

Every month Redecor welcomes a new Season! Each Season has a special theme - and new & unique rewards - cash, gold, and, of course, special design materials that aren’t available anywhere else! These rewards are accessible only through the Season Pass, which is available for purchase on the app all month long.

What are the Season Pass’ unique materials?

Each Season has its own special Collection that incorporates the Season’s style. This Collection can be varied and include a number of unique design items such as wall art, wallpaper, throws, rugs, and upholstery. After the Season ends, there’s no way to get these exclusive materials! The only way to get them is to purchase the Season Pass while the Season is still running. 

How do I get the Season pass?

Simply click on the star icon on the right side of the screen on your Redecor app! For the price of a cup of coffee, you get a monthly dose of design fun! The Season Pass does not renew itself, so remember to get it yourself each month -  there will be no recurring billing or hidden costs.

Now that we’ve discussed the technicalities… Let’s get started with the fun design aspect! 

About the Inspiration Catalog…

Putting the “style” back into coastal living is what Hamptons design is truly about. Our artists not only highlighted the beauty of the materials on their own, but also made sure to show you which ones blend well with others, optional color palettes and how to create a sophisticated atmosphere using these gorgeous design items. 

Color swatches and item names are written inside the catalog so you can learn how to replicate this look if you wish to! 

Here’s to having an inspiring time as Redecorators on this lovely family vacation to the Hamptons! 

We hope you enjoy this Inspiration Catalog and find that it motivates you to mix and match, play around with the designs and patterns - and just have some pure design fun!

Inspiration Catalog 1: Pale Radiance

The Hamptons style does prioritize paler hues, as can be seen at the beginning of the palette swatch - but without giving up the warmth a home should have. Thankfully, it’s not an “either-or” situation! 

Notice how those slightly warmer tones come into play in the window-side seat cover and the “Warm Dunes” rug. This ties in with the golden chandelier and the off-white wooden ceiling beams. 

Tiles are encouraged in these kinds of communal areas since, practically speaking, they are much easier to clean - after spending a day at the beach you can expect at least a miniature sand dune in your own seating corner once returning home! These specific tiles, “Afternoon Glow”, give off an air of sophistication and modern class, and their playful shift of greys and whites fits the rest of the room perfectly, especially the “Beauty Grows” pillows! 


Inspiration Catalog 2: Nautical Made Modern

Nothing like some lovely shades of blue to bring out the Nautical aspect of seaside living! 

While the textile choice for the sofas is pretty simple color and pattern-wise with just a hint of texture, our designers chose to make the sofa pop with these gorgeous “Sandcastles” pillows.

These pillows not only complement the chosen color of the sofa build, but also match perfectly with the “Low Tides” rug in this scene. Since their color palettes are so similar, yet their patterns slightly different, these two go hand in hand together without the risk of appearing too “matchy-matchy”. The footstools in this picture reflect these two textiles’ darker shades, while the vases in the corner reflect the lighter shades, playing off of these great color combinations.

 Although our eyes are immediately drawn to the big pieces of furniture, the floor tiling, “Sunny Deck”, is the real star of this lovely scene. See how the wooden walls and shutters reflect its different shades! 

The fact that everything in this scene matches, without appearing overbearing, is exactly what Hampton goers are looking for.


Inspiration Catalog 3: Maximalist Heaven

Maximalists?! Your time to shine has come! Our artist wanted to show you that even though the Hamptons style generally goes for more subdued tones and clean lines - you can amp it up as much as you want! 

Notice how the “Mermaid Glimpse” pillows are added at the back of the bed for some extra depth, and 3 different variations of blue are used for the vases and light fixtures throughout the room, as well as the lovely tile floor “Infinite Bliss”. 

The throw, bed covering and wooden finishes all tie in together with the wallpaper in a harmony of camel tones. 

These art pieces reflect these two themes as well - blue and brown, coexisting in harmony, with as many textures and patterns as you can think of! 


Inspiration Catalog 4: Darker and Beautiful

The color blue is a great way to add an adult feel to the room, especially when it’s used in a dark-toned wallpaper like in this room. Notice how the wooden features balance off the grey in the striped “Enchanting Sea” carpet, while complementing its dark hues so well. 

The Blooming Hydrangea is another blue classic, a great addition to any room. In the flower language, Hydrangea says gratitude, grace and beauty - all worthy things you could use a reminder of in your holiday bedroom. Do note that the vase is placed up high, and that’s because this flower can be toxic to dogs - so for the sake of our beloved friends on four, it’s best to place them higher up. 

The “Adventure Awaits” tile can come in handy in many rooms, and in this specific one it’s a great alternative, as it’s interesting enough to hold your attention but not too busy as to throw the whole design off balance. It is complemented nicely by the bed coverings, which are similar in tone.


Inspiration Catalog 5: Natural and Stunning

Feeling a bit tired of the nautical theme? No problem! Welcome nature in with these delicate shades of green! As you can see, the “Under the Sea” pillow is a wonderful match to the “Sea Garden” rug, as they’re both playing around with similar tones but different patterns. Of course, the green doesn’t stop there! Both the wall art and the curtains lean into the lovely nature theme with their green tones, really tying the room together.

The “Morning Mist” tiles are every Redecorator’s modern dream, with sophisticated cube-like shapes in different shades of grey, and they’re accentuated by the pale grey fabric of the lounge chair and offwhite wooden walls. 

See how this room has an entirely cohesive feeling - all thanks to a few smart choices that suit each other so well.


Inspiration Catalog 6: Coral Life

Being inspired by the sea doesn’t just have to mean shades of blue! You can use all of the colors the sea has to offer, greens like the seaweed that grows underwater and shades of pinks like the beautiful coral! 

Pinks add a playful tone to the scene while also warming up the space, which could be left feeling colder had they been replaced with beiges and off-whites. These beautiful “Coral Treasures” pillows are so fitting for an afternoon of fun in the sun - you’ll find yourself wanting to use them again and again! 

Notice how the slight green at the ends of the “Seagulls and Sand” rug compliments the greenish tile chosen for the poolside, “Onto the Horizon”. These tiles are larger than regular subway tiles but have the same distinctive pattern, giving them an air of freshness in another spin on “regular” poolside tiles. 


Did you enjoy our Inspiration Catalog?

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