Redecor’s NEW Inspiration Catalog Is Here & It’s Gorgeous!

This Season we’re giving you all the best ideas on how to put those stunning Scandi items to good use! The incredible idea of an Inspiration Catalog was brought up by our team’s artists, who wanted to create strong visuals for the upcoming Season.

Hopefully, these incredible visuals not only help you talented Redecorators piece this Season together, they’ll also help you see the full potential of the amazing materials waiting for you! 

Let’s dive in with a few frequently asked questions about the Season Pass! 

What is a Season Pass? 

Every month a new design Season starts on Redecor! Each Season has new & unique rewards - cash, gold, and extra special materials that aren’t available anywhere else! These rewards are accessible through the Season Pass, which is available for purchase on the app all month long.

You’ve got 30 levels to climb up for one month if you want to reach the top (and collect all the rewards on the way)! After the month ends, the Season ends, and you get to start all over again in the new month at Level is 0. You always get to keep all the materials and rewards you’ve collected so far!

There are two ways to join the race: you can either follow the Free Rewards path OR the Season Pass path by purchasing the seasonal Season Pass. 

What are the Season Pass’ unique materials?

Each Season has a unique Collection that incorporates the Season’s style in various materials. After the Season ends, there’s no way to get these exclusive materials! The only way to get them is to purchase the Season Pass. These materials will be accessible to you even when the Season ends and a new one starts as part of your Redecor user.

How do I get the Season pass?

Simply click on the star icon on the right side of the screen on your Redecor app! For the price of a coffee-to-go, you get a monthly dose of design fun! The Season Pass does not renew itself, so remember to get it yourself each month -  there will be no recurring billing or hidden costs.

Now that we’ve discussed the technicalities… Let’s get started with the fun design aspect! 

Redecor’s NEW Inspiration Catalog

“Mixing and Matching made fun” was the main idea behind the Inspiration Catalog. We tried our best to follow along the Eco Scandi Season journey with its fabulous materials, highlighting each design item as it comes. 

We even added a color swatch so you can see what colors go well together in this minimalistic and stunning style, in order to help you bring variety to the rooms you’re going to decorate!

Inspiration Catalog

Technically speaking, items are highlighted by name inside the catalog, so you can see exactly how they match together and how to replicate this look, if you wish to.

The inspirational catalog certainly lives up to its name - we hope that it can help you get inspired with some gorgeous designs and matches for our stunning Eco Scandi challenges this Season. 

Inspiration Catalog: Full of Nature

Notice how the curtains work together with the vase, cushion color, and wall art background! This is designed especially to create a soothing focus point for the eye when using this gorgeous (yet busy) wallpaper. The tones work together so well! A bit of natural wood is added to the floorings and furniture to bring nature in.

Inspiration Catalog: Office

Deco finish - level 28, wallpaper - level 7, art - level 26

Inspiration Catalog: Butterfly Valley

This scene ties in perfectly with the wall art theme. You can almost imagine the butterflies roaming through the fields with this wallpaper and pitcher, assimilating with the similar beige shades of the wood and vases. This sparing use of darker colors is very “Scandi”, showing how minimalism doesn’t have to feel “empty” and how to load it with beautiful meaning by choosing each piece carefully. 

Inspiration Catalog: Butterfly

Deco finish - level 8, wallpaper - level 17, art - level 5

Inspiration Catalog: Classy & Botanical

If you’re not a fan of botanical designs, this inspiration catalog is for you! Here’s how to do it with the utmost class: Add nature-themed wall art, a green rug and some wonderful tinted vases, and you’ve got yourself a stunning room that radiates nature. Botanical designs can be extremely classy! You can choose a more dominant wallpaper for the distant wall and make use of different tones of use with your furniture and floorings to tie it all together.

Inspiration Catalog: Green Carpet

Deco finish - instant, wallpaper - level 22, art - instant

Inspiration Catalog - Radiating Warmth 

Looking for something cozier to create that restful feeling? Earth tones are welcome in all their warmth and glory! See how the sofa fabric, the throw and the Rare Seashell vase tie together so nicely in a dazzling palette of brown. The main wall art in this piece is green so as to not overwhelm the eye and add a pop of serenity. Wouldn’t you LOVE to plop down on this Sofa after a long day?

Inspiration Catalog: Eco Bird

Deco finish - level 1, Eco Bird - level 3, art - level 30

Note the Eco Bird used here, our symbol of support to the Earth! This month is not only about stunning Scandinavian designs, it’s also about designing in a way that impacts the Earth positively! 

Inspiration Catalog -  Calm & Cozy

Red clay and terracotta browns are more than welcome! See how the chrome finishes of the lamp elevate the room to a more sophisticated feel when it’s paired with a more modern print for the wall art! Pale pink is incorporated in the pillows, the print and the vase, making the room subtly warmer than if we were using the pale greens and greys on the other side of the scale exclusively. Somehow, these contrasting colors suit each other so well and bring the whole room exactly where it needs to be. Don’t be afraid to play around with cool and warm tones until you reach a result you’re happy with!

Inspiration Catalog: Terracota

Art - level 12, wallpaper - level 14, deco finish - level 23

We hope you’ve gotten a little bit of inspiration from our catalog and feel confident in your abilities to create stunning Eco Scandi designs! Creativity is a skill that’s developed just like any other skill - practice, practice, practice! So get on the app to create some beautiful designs and sharpen your design sense!

See you there!