Redecor is a Designers playground! You get to mix, match and play to your heart’s content while developing your design and redecorating skills!

Today is ALL about designs!

After all, it’s International Design Day. This day has been celebrated for almost 30 years, since 1995! But why do we celebrate this day and why is it needed?

International Design day is celebrated to recognise the value of design and how greatly it impacts our lives. We don’t pay it much mind, but EVERYWHERE we go in the modern world is designed! Our rooms, our homes, the shops, the restaurants we hang out in - even schools and offices have a design element to them. Design impacts our lives every single day - so it’s only right we take an entire day to appreciate that.

Good designs, at their core, create solutions for people. Since us humans are so different from one another, it makes perfect sense for our needs and lifestyles to be completely different too. Designing a space to answer different needs is an art that takes time to master. Good thing we’re here to talk about it!

What is Interior Design? Who is suited to be an interior designer?

Interior design is the art of creating the interior of a space in a way that makes it more usable and aesthetically pleasing. An interior designer not only has the task of creating the most functional room that answers the needs of the people using it, but also about the aethetics of it, the mood the person using it will be in.

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 Interior design is a very diverse craft involving developing the concept, planning the space, and so on. It takes a good deal of “people skills” while dealing with clients and contractors, shop assistants and haul trucks, until a project is finished to everyone’s satisfaction.

Interior designers are often creative individuals, extremely smart and observant of their surroundings, and have a high emotional intelligence so that they can “read” their client’s wishes and wants when it comes to designing new spaces.

Everyone can be an interior designer! It’s a skill that you learn over time, with practice - good thing Redecor offers lots of that!

The emotional aspect of designs

The entire redesign aspect can be a very emotional journey for homeowners. Change is hard, especially when it’s taking place in the space you’ve lived most your life in, created some of the most precious memories you have in! 

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“My mother couldn’t stop weeping,” told us Bella, one of Redecor's team members, recalling her family’s recent redecorating process to her childhood home. “The interior redecorator she hired was absolutely baffled! All she’d suggested was that we change the color and style of the banister for the stairs, and my mom couldn’t stand the thought of it. Later my mom had explained that when she thought about changing it, she thought about me and my brothers as little kids, sliding down that bannister in a hustle and bustle. It meant letting go of that memory, changing it out for new ones - and that was hard for her.” 

Indeed, tact and emotional understanding of others go a long way in this field! Being attentive to your client’s needs is another. “My mom also didn’t like how the redecorator placed the pictures in the livingroom,” Bella told us, “so they came to an agreement - the redecorator could take as many photos as she liked of the livingroom done up to her tastes to feature on her website, and after she was done, she helped my mom rearrange them in a way that made her happy! Even if it wasn’t up to her design standards. It was a win-win situation.”

What’s so unique about designing on Redecor?

Redecor gives anyone an opportunity to try themselves as an interior designer. Mixing colors and textures, applying certain materials in specific rooms - that’s just half of the fun! Getting realtime feedback from your fellow designers (or as we call them Redecorators) is one of the greatest thing about Redecor. You can learn how to grow and how your designs are perceived by the masses! 

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Despite always being able to know what others think of your designs, it’s also good at helping you develop your own unique style and inner core of design aethetic that don’t always have to be popular. As a designer in the real world, the right clients who are attracted to your design style will find you, so it’s important to hone your skills and know who you are and what you like until then!

Tip from a Redecor professional

Redecor´s Designer Aino has a few things to share about interior design: “Design can be interpreted as something functional or aesthetic - in my designs I always try to combine them both,” she explained to us.

“In order to be able to design, you will need to know how to work out the details and different elements together,” Aino noted. “The saying ‘God is in the details’ is absolutely right!” Playing with different elements until you see what goes well together is one way to achieve this, according to Aino.

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“In my opinion, the goal of interior design is to create a healthy, functioning and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who use the space,” Aino concludes, “Always keep your client in mind when designing! They might need or want something different than what you had in mind from a purely design point, but it’s so important that they feel listened to and that the ultimate results fits them and their lifestyle.”

What did you think about Aino’s advice? Got any more unique design tips to share? Tell us on our Social Media channels: @redecorthegame on Instagram and Official Redecor Community in Facebook!

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