Having people over can be nerve-wrecking - is the house clean enough? Will the food be enough to go around? Will everybody have a good time? Well, fret not! We’ve got you covered.

Here are a 5 ultimate design tips to make your dinner party stand out!

1. Clean and tidy wins the race

Writing down a game plan with estimated time slots for the day-of can be a real lifesaver. Your list should consist of everything that needs to be done for you to feel like this party will be the best it can be - buying decorations, setting the table, cooking the food. Everything you want to be accomplished before your guests arrive. Once you see it, and estimate how long each activity will take you, it’s much easier to plan your time accordingly.

Clean and Tidy

If possible, time your preparations so that you’ll have an extra 20 minutes to do the dishes and make sure your kitchen is clean and presentable. Walking into an untidy house is less than welcoming, so really take the time to schedule “clean up” before the guests arrive! Although this is often overlooked, this is for sure one of the best tips we can give to anyone planning to host soon.

2. It’s all about the details

A gorgeous dinner table sets the mood perfectly!

Beautiful napkin folds, well-placed silverware, and a flowery centerpiece have a great way of tying the table together. 


If you want your table to make an impact, try to choose at least 3 dominant colors and incorporate them in the tablecloth, napkins, and centerpieces you use. Although these 3 colors can be chosen according to your own liking (as long as they complement each other) - it’s nice to take into account the season in which you’re hosting, the nearby holidays, or - of course - the theme of the party if you have one. Autumn tones tend to lean towards the warm reds, oranges and browns, while summery tones often incorporate yellows and greens. We’re sure you think about even the smallest of design details thoroughly - that’s just how well we know our Redecorators!

Another great way to add some playful texture to the table is through well-chosen placemats! They’re easily incorporated into the setting and can add another layer of character that fits in with your entire design. 

Once you’re done designing your table, take a step back and look at it from afar - make sure that it’s not too busy or crowded, and that all the guests have room to sit comfortably.

3. Seating arrangements are more important than you think!

Surprisingly enough, when you control the seating arrangements - you control the flow of the conversation. A great tip is to seat your extroverted and funnier guests right in the middle of the table, where they’ll have an easier time chatting with everyone and drawing attention to themselves. 

Sitting Arrangement

Your shier guests may feel more comfortable at the edges, where they won’t be asked to pass the food around as much and won’t feel obligated to jump into the conversation unless they’re ready to. Who knows, maybe they’ll even make some like-minded friends now that they aren’t forced to talk!

Seating names can be done beautifully and add a very sweet and personal design element to the table as well. It’s not uncommon for Autumn dinner parties to have baby pumpkins with each person’s name waiting on the plate in front of their seat - and that same creativity can be used in every season and every theme. People hosting with little children can also get them involved with creating handcrafted seat names, which will melt the heart of any adult.

4. Soft lighting is everything

Candles or soft-toned lights are the perfect way to create a dinner party ambiance. If you’re hosting a dinner party outside, you can purchase special candles that double as bug repellent! 

Soft Light

If your dinner is inside, try to place your candles in a way that won’t interfere with food being served, preferably in glass containers that can protect your guests from the pretty flames. If you’re not a big fan of candles - that’s okay too! The emphasis is on ambiance, and there are many ways to create that. 

5. Make sure your bathroom is well stocked!

Often overlooked, the bathroom is not exempt from the preparations! 

Aside from making sure you have enough toilet paper on hand and in visible places so that it can be replenished when needed, the decor should say “clean and sophisticated”. Put away all those toilet-side magazines and make room for some scented candles, rolled hand towels and air fresheners. 


Having 20 something adults in one room means people will be using the bathroom A LOT through the evening. It’s better to be prepared for that ahead of time! Stow your personal items away inside your cabinets and make that bathroom shine. 

It’s our little hack to being the perfect hosts!

What did you think about these tips? Do you have your own? Let us know on our Social Media channels!