Luxury has been around nearly as long as humans have! If you take a stroll through history, you’ll see the breathtaking palaces of the Pharaohs in Egypt and the gorgeous marble castles of the ancient Greeks. We don’t have to walk that far down memory lane, though, with contemporary masterpieces being designed in the modern-day and age as well!

Creating beautiful and lavish designs to soothe your mind and soul is another form of self-love - so it’s no surprise this lush Season will walk us through Valentine’s day! Love doesn’t have to be romantic - it can be the love you feel for yourself, for whatever sparks passion in you, the love of designing, and so much more. Explore what “love” and “luxury” mean to you this Season on Redecor!

Luxurious Love Shopping Guide

Take this chance to learn how to create a luxurious mood with nothing but a sharpened set of decor skills. Got what it takes, Redecorator? Join us on this beautiful Season and create the grandest lush designs!

What is “Luxury Decor”?

Luxury decor refers to a mix of Hollywood Regency inspired decor, with a dash of Art Deco - and a LOT of glam. Think of a contemporary version of the best hotel you’d ever seen, fit for the biggest stars - and give it an extra something to really make it shine.

Luxury designs use only the best materials - renowned artists for wall art, imported marble tops for kitchens, and priceless satin fabrics for bedding. The real trouble with this style isn’t managing the endless budget or satisfying the rich clients - it’s creating a cohesive design out of all these gorgeous options. Going into this Season, keep in mind to get a bird’s eye view of your design, making sure all the pieces work together to create a glamorous air to the space.

Luxurious Bedroom

Tip 1 - Color palette 

The general color palette for the Luxury style focuses on lush and subdued tones with a hint of metallics peeking in every now and then. Gold is welcomed with open hands (both shimmery gold and royal gold), as well as rich green, dusty pink (also known as blush!) and glistening silver.

Luxurious Kitchen

Shades of dark blue and deep burgundy bordeaux can be used to give the room depth if you feel like you need a hint of darkness in your designs. 

Sparkles are embraced in this style as well - but do remember to use them sparingly. Although a lot of redecorators have a soft spot for all that glitters and shines, too much glitter can result in a less-than deluxe atmosphere.

Tip 2 - Luxury surfaces 

Every Redecorator knows that surfaces can have a huge effect on a space. Whether we’re talking about floors, backsplashes, or countertops, the texture and color set the tone for the rest of the scene. 

In the Luxury decor style, surfaces are a great chance to bring in hints of modernness to the space. Be sure to use metals and marbles, with shiny, high-gloss qualities. Backsplashes can, for example, incorporate actual glitter for that extra spark. Furniture might incorporate acrylic plastic for that smooth shiny finish, but metals fit in great as well.

Luxurious Blush Bedroom

Tip 3 - Walls and Textiles

Walls are adorned with geometric patterns as well as nature-inspired ones. Shiny details with that extra spark are often incorporated into the wallpaper itself. Another wall feature you can expect to see a lot of is Venetian-glam styled texture that’s known to elevate a room from rags to riches in a heartbeat.

Geometric Luxurious Wallpaper

Textiles are also adorned by nature-inspired or geometric patterns quite often in this style. Top fabrics for this style include satin and velvet, shiny fabrics that are glitter embedded and blinged-out, and naturally glossy fabrics that catch the eye. In other styles it’s common to focus on the texture the textile provides as well as the color, but Luxury decor style is more about the high-end feeling these fabrics provide. Rather than focusing on the added texture the fabric adds to the scene, the focus is on the type of atmosphere the fabric creates, which is important to remember. 

Tip 4 - Big picture things

The Luxurious decor style has a LOT of space to Redecorate. We’re talking about being LUXURY, after all. 

Luxurious Not too-busy room

There are quite a few things to remember when redecorating according to this style, like where to place expensive pictures (not directly in the sunlight so that the painting is not harmed) and how many pictures and shelving you want exactly so that the large walls don’t stay bare and boring. 

It’s important to be able to zoom out and survey your entire design to ensure that you haven’t created a too busy or too empty space. 

Tip 5 - Love for details

Luxury decor goes the extra mile for the client’s ultimate satisfaction. As a Redecorator, that means thinking of all the tiniest details ahead of time… If you’re designing a bedroom, that means adding a lavender-scented essential oil diffuser for a good night’s sleep. If you’re creating a luxurious bathroom, bath bombs and salts should be organized neatly before your client even has to ask. Really pay attention to each room and ask yourself, “if I were staying here - what would make my life so much better?” 

Luxurious Kitchen

As we’d previously said, think of the most indulging hotel in the world - and then create it with your own two hands. 

Use this month to practice creating the most luxurious rooms, filled with love! Design incredible homes to your heart’s content on Redecor!