Welcome to PRIDE MONTH! More than supporting the LGBTQ+ Community, here at Redecor we wanted to take one month a year to truly think about what makes us proud of ourselves as individuals. It is with this mindset that we’d like you to approach this Season - with the knowledge that you can be 100% true to who you are, own it, flaunt it, and most importantly - enjoy it!

Eclectic Pride, like its name, promises to be a unique and colorful Season full of fun surprises! Join us and get this party started!

Eclectric Splash Screen

What even is “Eclectic Pride”?

To break it down, the aesthetic this Season is aiming for can be described as “cheerful post-modern”. Lots of pastels and bright colors, lots of smooth edges and curvy lines, and lots of joy! Think “hippie” - but with a modern twist! There’s a new and enthusiastic appreciation for post-modern interior design, reminiscent of the 80s fun and happy designs. “Playful” is one way to describe it! 

The “eclectic” element of this Season is also one of its most important. Nowadays it’s common to call anything that doesn’t fall under the exact definition of a particular style “eclectic”. As people, we don’t always fit into one smothering category either! Why should we fit it as designers? The essence of being “eclectic” is the freedom to mix all kinds of shapes, colors, and materials, to let your creativity fly wild as interior designers. 

The idea is to be true to what YOU like, blending different styles, textures and motifs to create a unique aesthetic that you love.

We’ve gathered all the best tips and tricks to help you master Eclectic Pride and make it your best Season yet! Let’s go!

Perfect Pastels!

This Season is all about tasteful pops of color! Pastels tend to soften the tone and make colors not as abrasive to look at for a long period of time, so you can incorporate them more willingly into your designs without fear. 

Perfect Pastels

Although you may occasionally see a bold wallpaper used here and there, they will mostly be leaning towards these softer colors to allow you more room to play. These pastels will meet you everywhere you go around the room, from fabrics to ceramics, so make sure it’s light and fun!

The general color palette will focus on these creamy, soft tones, with pops of bold color added for accentuating details. 

Be Weird!

If not now, when will you ever? This is THE Season to experiment with patterns, textures and colors! Take a leap of faith and try out all of your weirdest design dreams

Eclectic post-modern designs lend themselves to the outlandish - don’t try too hard to make things look neat and tidy! The combinations of unexpected colors and patterns are often what make this style so fun and loveable. 

Unexpected Color Combination

It can be hard for us to let go of the seriousness that somehow shrouds the interior design profession. Helping someone design their forever home is no joking matter! However, this style allows us to be more flexible and light than ever before. Presumably, the clients who choose this style have a similar outlook on life. Eclectic post-modern almost screams, “don’t take things too seriously!” through a cascade of strawberries, sparkles and pastels! 

Curvy and Proud!

Curves are a major part of post-modern designs. To start off, furniture is curved in lots of fun and surprising shapes! In this style, things should not only be functional but also beautiful to look at and eye-catching. But furniture is not the only place to see curves! 

You can see it in the patterns for wallpapers, fabrics and even vases! We’re not talking about just polka dots (although those are cute too!), these curves encompass all sorts of shapes, from waves to rainbows to just plain abstract - curves will be all over this upcoming Collection! 


Remember to add a certain flow to your design that mimics these gorgeous lines. Here’s a nice rule of thumb: if the eye can travel around the room with relative ease, that constitutes a good flow!

Knick-Knack Galore

Wake up your inner maximalist because lots of styled decor pieces are going to come your way this Season! With so many little knick-knacks around, there’s so much room to play with as designers, making them a great addition whether you want to add a bright pop of color or some texture to the space. Go wild! The post-modern style isn’t well known for its subtlety, after all! 

Makes You Smile

Since you have so many decorative pieces available, they don’t always have to tell a story or have some special meaning to them, unlike previous Seasons such as Artisan or Hamptons. The more important thing is that these pieces tie in with the rest of the room - and make you smile!

A good way to judge if something fits under the “Eclectic Post-Modern” niche is by asking yourself if it makes you smile when looking at it. This style is so fun and cheerful, that 90% of the time this question can help guide you towards some great choices. 

Put a Twist On It! 

A lot has changed since the “hippie” era and times are moving along. Although we can now look back on it with doting eyes, there were some kitsch-filled design horrors back in the day that we shouldn’t play out again (does anybody still recall those green laminated kitchen cupboards? No? Just us? Okay.). The throwback this Season allows us to play with is refreshing and lovely, but now we can also put a nice new twist on these loveable designs! 

Add You To Every Design

Make sure to add a bit of yourself in every design, a bit of what you’ve learned this year (design or otherwise), and make it truly yours. Try to give every room that special touch to bring it to the blessed 2000s and out of the 1980s - either with some creative art or a modern print, anything that can take these retro designs from the past and into the future! 

Are you excited about this wonderful Season?

Don’t forget to hold your head up high and be proud of who you are and what you have to offer the world!

Join us as we party our way through Eclectic Pride month with all the best designs out there - only on Redecor