With 2021 safely behind us, it’s time we focus on the future! With lockdowns and work-from-home, our house has become a place where we spend most of our time. It has also become one of the top places that influence our moods! This is the reason nearly all of the 2022 interior-design trends have to do with creating a soothing atmosphere inside the home - for a calm heart.

Trend number 1: Warmth and Coziness 

We’re talking terracotta walls, earth-toned upholstery, textured throws - anything that gives off that welcoming, cozy vibe our hearts ache for. While you may spot marble in quite a few upcoming designs, it’s going to be matched with warm colors so that it doesn’t give off a cold quality to the rest of the surroundings. Expect to see rugs with deep tones and beautiful patterns this year as part of that interior-design warmth redecorators will be looking to add to their client’s homes. 

This isn’t to say that we’re going for a “humble” look - not at all! Luxury is still a top goal when it comes to interior design. However, it’s going to have a new and cozy twist! Luxurious homes don’t have to be “cold” and off-putting. Bring in the feeling of home - but make it fashion!

Redecor Cozy Room

Trend number 2: Nostalgia for previous adventures

Being cooped up at home this past couple of years has been very tough for some people. When you’re handling interior-design clients, keep that in mind. Those who are used to traveling may want to put their pictures or souvenirs on prominent display. We aren’t exactly talking about a “theme-room”, but we are referring to the need to tie in previous adventures into the present in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

This trend might suggest that maximalism will be back in style soon, as opposed to the stark minimalism that had reigned in 2021 (we’re looking at you, Kim K., and your incredible minimalist mansion!). Vogue even declared in a recent article, “Boucle's moment, it seems, is over, as is the all-white minimalism that may look crisp, yet provides little visual comfort.” 

Remember, Redecorators, warmth is what it’s all about! Think of a way to incorporate these tangible bits of memories so that they surround the client in their home.

Redecor Travelling

Trend number 3: Nature, Nature, Nature

Nature-inspired colors will adorn this year’s designs! Experts assume that since we’ve all been locked in for the past two years, people are getting tired of the usual neutrals, and are willing to start playing with some color. However, the prominent shades will most likely be those found in nature and not the unnatural pop-ish ones that come to mind when we think “color!” (sorry, Andy Warhol!). We’re talking about different shades of brown, with hints of green and blue. 

Natural surfaces are expected to be a big hit this year, with stones, marble, rosy terracotta and travertine (a beautiful type of limestone) in the lead. Get ready to see natural materials everywhere - bathtubs, backsplashes, decorations and more.

Eco-responsible designs go hand in hand with this theme. We’re admiring the environment and honoring it with our designs - but we don’t want to ruin it for future generations by polluting it and over using its resources! 

Trend number 4: Curved edges

Decorations and furniture will lean more towards the curved edges this year. These softer shapes are, again, meant to bring comfort to our surroundings after a tough couple of years.

As the saying goes, “a messy, cluttered house is a mirror for a messy and cluttered mind” - these curved lines are clean and sculpted, and yet remind us so much of shapes found in nature, unlike hard straight lines.

Redecor Curved Bathtub

Trend number 5: Grandma’s back!

Antiques are coming in HOT this year. Martha Stewart actually called this trend, “Granmillennials,” which is both funny and spot on. It’s safe to assume that these antiques are going to be everywhere in current designs. Expect to see them in the form of distressed wood with intentional paint chipping off, sweet granny-like wallpapers and art pieces, and also vintage decor items.

The logic behind these antiques has to do with the first trend we discussed - warmth. These pieces usually help create a cozy atmosphere, which is what everyone is going for with their designs in 2022. 

Trend number 6: Multifunctional spaces

Yes, we’re all cooped up at home with only so much space allotted to us. This has made the need for multifunctional spaces all the more clear, and redecorators everywhere are taking on the challenge!

Houses now double as places to unwind - as well as where you work (office), work out (home gym) and eat (like it’s the finest restaurant in town!). Room dividing tactics are the name of the game when it comes to multifunctional designs.

Aside from the known “put large furniture in key spots to feel like there’s a clear cut between spaces”, this year we’re going to see a lot more vertical spaces. Ladders, platforms, and shelving are going to help utilize every bit of space we’ve got. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Those are some of our top trends for 2022! Now that you know, there’s nothing stopping you from taking this year by storm. Try creating designs with these guidelines in mind on the best design app around - Redecor!