Today we are celebrating International Women's Day, and it's packed with girl power even more than usual.

88 % of Redecor content team consists of female talents!

We take this day extremely seriously since women of Redecor are an essential element and are in the very heart of our game! 👩🏾🧑🏼‍🦰👵🧕👩🏻‍🏫👩‍💻

Our lovely team members will tell you about themselves, what inspires them and you will dive into their private homes and… REDECORATE them! How cool is that? 🤩

But before we start, we wanted to address a very important cause, which is close to any woman's heart. Women's empowerment. 

Dress for Success

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Redecor has partnered up with Dress for Success, to contribute to Women's Empowerment. 

Dress for Success is the leading global nonprofit employment resource for women.

Over 25 years, Dress for Success has helped women get back on their feet, regain confidence, support their families and communities, and, in turn, contribute to the global economy.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is inspired by the belief that when a woman has access to education and job resources, their contributions strengthen communities, increase organizational effectiveness and business results and economies grow.

You are also contributing!

Remember Anaïs - our heroine who is finding keys on her way to find happiness? Well, we did not tell you, BUT each time a Redecorator finds all 4 keys - Redecor makes a donation to Dress for Success. Meaning that each key you find helps to empower women! 💪

Women of Redecor

Being a woman and especially a working woman is an important role in society and has a big impact on woman's empowerment, feminism, and forming a new generation of role modes. 

So let's ask our talented women of Redecor what drives them!

Aino, Designer

Aino, Designer

- Where are you from? 

From Southern Finland, Kirkkonummi to be specific 😎 

- What do you do?

I’m an interior designer at Redecor. I design decor seasons, new collections, and other content in the game. 

- What’s your wish for the scene?

I’d like to keep it bright and colorful. Players can play around with different colors and patterns. One thing I struggle with is finding the perfect art piece that matches the interior - so maybe players could help with that? 

Ainos room

- What empowers you as a woman?

I feel empowered when I have a mindset that I’m capable of all things and when I accomplish the goals that I set for myself. But most of all, the most important thing is that I can truly be myself and I have the self-confidence to do anything regardless of the outcome. 

- What does International Women's Day mean to you? 

For me it’s is a day to increase the visibility of women’s achievements and help forge equality. That all people have equal opportunities and no one has poorer life chances due to their background or status. 

Natalie, Content Team Lead


- What inspires you?

I am inspired by strong, independent women, That's how I see myself. That's the artwork that I chose for my living room. Greece is a type of design feel that inspires me most. I LOVE blue, rustic feeling, and warm interior design. I also really love pink. Let's say white and industrial is the opposite of how I love to be at home. In the living room, I love lounging and watching Netflix at the end of the day, in a home that I know is mine and I'm providing for my son as well. 

Natalies room

- What empowers you? 

Empowering others and leading by example. I am a senior manager in a very powerful, hectic, "male" type of company, and I love to empower others - male and female - to show that whatever you aim to do is possible and totally up to you.

Dream big, achieve, and make others thrive because of the opportunity and freedom you give them, all the while not letting it impact my personal life, and being a single mother, without relying on any men or anyone but myself, is a very empowering feeling. 

- What does International Women's Day mean to you 

I know for a fact women can do anything they put their minds to. I believe our lives and society's expectations of us are far more demanding, but we more than deserve a seat at every table. Watching female world leaders lead their country with such intelligence, is showing me that we are on the right path. I wish every woman would believe in herself and know that she is more powerful than most humans, in my personal opinion. This day is all about female empowerment to me, each woman with whatever her life goals are, as long as they're her goals and not something society decided that women should do.

Annika, Customer Support Lead


- Thoughts on International Womens Day? International Womens Day means to me that I can be anything I want and achieve anything that I want. It is a good reminder that my girly appearance and female gender don't make me any less capable as a professional or as an individual.

You wish for the bedroom decoration?

My wish for the scene is Japanese aesthetics as in calm earthly colors & beauty in simplicity - and sometimes even a hint of "ugliness/incompleteness" can bring something to the final result.

The Japanese have a tradition where they collect parts of the broken cup together and glue everything together with gold so that each seam has a golden skirt. The idea is to emphasize that even though you'd be broken and imperfect, there can be a beauty to be found.

Annika room

Yulia, Designer


I was born in Ukraine and moved as a child to Germany with my family. For a little more than two years now I have been living in Finland with my boyfriend.

I enjoy doing 3D-Art but also sketching, sewing some clothes, reading, modern dancing, and occasionally playing piano.

I like plants, but my current apartment offers very little light to make it green. I also added two hanging umbrellas to the room, that I have in my room in Germany, so that detail is persona!

Yulias room

 – What empowers You?

Spending time with my family and friends, being in nature, baking with my sister crazy difficult recipes, forgetting time while doing some creative stuff, and dancing until I drop – are good sources I´d say.

International Women´s Day for me is about celebrating women and their importance in the world, and all the things that make them different from men. Women in my family are very strong and are great role models. Also, this day is about showering in flowers and the holiday kinda marks the beginning of spring to me ❤️

Polina, Strategic Planner


- What do you do?

I am a strategic planner for the game 💻

- What’s your wish for your beautiful home office?

My home office is, where i spend most of my day, so i would say a modern chic design, with whites, blush & gold accents.

Polinas office

- What empowers you?

Seeing myself become a stronger person every day is something that empowers me.

- What does International Womens Day mean to you?

It shines a spotlight on many great empowering stories, creates opportunities, and makes us feel strong together! 💪

Girl power 💪

The empowerment of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic, and health status are essential for the sustainable development of the world. 

It is all about being heard and empowerment: in the work environment, household, children's upbringing, ability to determine own choices and influence the social change. 

Women's empowerment takes one step at a time, but we could only make it happen together! ❤️ Check out what our beautiful Ayden has to say about Women in Desing in our new Redecor YouTube video ⬇️