World Health Day is often about the health of the humans who live in the world - but it’s literally in the name! How is the Earth itself doing? Recent studies show, not so great. This is our time to think more about the environment in all aspects of our lives - design included! Here’s how you can still create gorgeous designs - but keep the Earth in mind.

This is a great opportunity to remind you wonderful Redecorators that Redecor is donating to the Earth Day Initiative with every single Season Pass! Get your Season pass now, enjoy all its extra rewards and perks, and know that it’s going towards a good cause.


No need to buy new things! You can create wonderful pieces of decor with a fraction of the cost (and the ecological harm). Revamping old pieces of furniture with a new coat of paint is easier than it sounds! So is creating customized candles and jars! DIY is all about creating unique pieces that reflect who you truly are, and even if they’re slightly imperfect, tell a story. It’s also a great way to add sustainability to your designs!


Repurpose and Restore

Before letting go of a design item, you can see if it’ll work better in a different room. Some times, we get too caught on to an idea of where something always was, and miss out on its potential! Try shifting things around the house along with the seasons. When the thick woolen blankets go back to the storage for spring, it’s a good time to see what else can be shifted around and put to good use somewhere else! Restoring old pieces to their former glory is closely related to DIY, as some sandpaper and a fresh coat of varnish can do the trick instead of buying a brand new piece!


Thrift shops

We’re all about treating yourself every now and then! The trick is to shop smart. Getting secondhand goods can sound off putting, but if we think of it as “antique shopping” it gets a certain flair to it! This is a cost effective way to get what you need - while keeping the environment as safe as possible. A wise man once said “nothing is new under the sun”, and this saying applies to decor in a sense. Everything you could ever want to get has probably already been produced, bought, and used lovingly. Now it’s looking for a second home!

Thrift shop

Opt for recyclable items

It’s perfectly fine to get some new things too! We know what it’s like when a new design comes out and your heart squeezes! Getting a few things you really love and know you’ll put to good use for many years is completely justifiable. Sometimes, decor pieces can come in forms that are easier to recycle, like wood, or high-density polyethylene (the type of plastic most milk jugs are made of!). It’s just a thought, but when you’re picking out some new things, it would be nice to check if you can recycle them once you’re through with them. 

Recyclable items

Recycled materials are used in decor all the time, and they’re absolutely beautiful. That’s another way to shop ‘till you drop - but with a relatively clean conscience. There are some gorgeous reclaimed wood pieces, like our very own ECO-Bird! 

Digital designs

Not to toot our own horn, but on Redecor you can create stunning designs - without causing any damage to the Earth. It’s a great way to test new ideas and get your creativity flowing, without having to get to a shop, hold up an item and squint while looking at it, thinking, “will this fit in?” On our app, you can simply click and try, mix and match, until you get to a result you’re happy with! Also it’s really, really fun! (Okay, we may be tooting a little bit now…).

Digital items

Let us know some of YOUR tips to design with the Earth in mind on our social channels and we might add them to this blog article!